Friday, November 19, 2004

New track 'The Eclipse' now online

I've uploaded a new track recorded during the practice sessions for my last gig. Entitled 'The Eclipse' it is available from the music page of my Soundclick site. Hope you enjoy it.

Friday, November 12, 2004

New track 'Sturm und Drang II' now online

I've just uploaded this track, to both the Modulator ESP Music page and the Soundclick site. Sturm und Drang II was the second piece played at my gig at Peggers on 3.10.04 and was inspired by a request from an audience member to play something with choir in. Thanks Steve.

Modulator ESP + Create 7.11.04 gig photos now online

Photos from the Modulator ESP + Create gig are now online at Modulator ESP and Awakenings websites.

Hampshire Jam 3 photos now online

My photos from Hampshire Jam 3 are now online at Enjoy

Monday, November 08, 2004

First online CD sale and last night's gig

Well, minor celebrations are in order as I actually sold my first CD online. Big Thanks to Peter for purchasing a copy of Time Clouds Distant Memory. I had a few teething problems getting set up to receive credit card payments via Paypal, but got all that sorted out and posted it today.

As to last night's gig I think I can safely say that it was the most enjoyable so far, in fact I think I may have got a bit carried away in places. Initial feelings are that it was an improvement on the previous gig, as John said 'That was really good last night, both sets, no boring moments at all, total attention-grabbing. Excellent.' I think it helped that I had some new sounds and tried some old ones that I hadn't used before and it was all quite inspiring. I think I'm getting better at sequencing with the MAQ and tried to vary my sequences throughtout the set. I do think I need to work on my transitions as I really don't like the awkward silences between pieces and I'd really like to do one continuous piece, thus cutting down on the actual talking to the audience in between as I still find that vaguely embarrassing.

It's a good job I had today off work as it was also extremely exhausting. My girlfriend Nereta was my roadcrew for the evening, as Pete was busy getting ready to go off on holiday, and she coped admirably with my instructions to, 'fetch this' , 'hold that', 'put this in there' etc. It all gets quite stressful at times but I think we got through it OK.

Many thanks to everyone who came, especially Steve (Create) who was the support and did an extremely good job, especially considering it was his first gig. Thanks also to Pete, Phil and John and newbies Dave and Ray (who actually came after I gave them a flyer at HJ3)

Don't know when the next one will be, maybe not until next year as I'm going to organise some Awakenings gigs that I don't actually play at to see how that works.

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Progress to date

Started work on the pre-programmed sequences for the upcoming gig last night. Programmed a new Combi on the Korg Karma. Recorded a 12 minute improvisation using the new sound and sequences combined with some improvised sequences from the MAQ, so things are proceeding nicely.

Had an interesting conversation with a work colleague today about describing musical styles in advertising in which he decided my music should be classified as 'weird spaced-out hippy shit'. Not sure if that's entirely appropriate, but who's to say :-)

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Quick update - less than a week to go

Well, not much to say really, it's less than a week to go to my next gig, did the handing out flyers thing on Friday night and had a bop around at Spiders, did the going round town putting up posters thing on Saturday. Now it's down to the grind to make sure everything is OK for the gig, I want to program some new stuff into the MMT-8 and try to get a few new sounds programmed up on my synths as that always helps in the old inspiration department. Luckily I've got Thursday and Friday off on leave this week so everything should be done for Sunday.